Sarah Pomeroy
Advisory Board Co-Chair, NLC Columbus

Sarah Pomeroy, Advisory Board Deputy Chair and 2019 Fellow of NLC Columbus, is an Assistant City Attorney in the Zone Initiative section of the Columbus City Attorney’s office, bringing cases to eliminate public nuisances and blight in the City’s neighborhoods. Whether by addressing abandoned and deteriorating houses; crime-ridden hotels, bars, and markets; street prostitution; or excessive noise, trash, and debris—she seeks to achieve clean and safe neighborhoods by partnering with community members, city officials, and law enforcement.

Practicing law in D.C. for three years before returning to her hometown of Columbus, she represented companies in antitrust, telecommunications, and Lanham Act matters with the law firm of Jones Day. At the firm, she also represented clients in diverse pro bono cases, including those seeking asylum and Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, social security benefits, federal habeas relief, and clemency. She has also served as a guardian ad litem in child-custody disputes.

Sarah has dedicated her extra-curricular time to the service of her legal and student communities, including leading the Ohio State Law Student and D.C. Lawyer Chapters of the American Constitution Society. Academically, she has engaged in her passion issue-areas of education, voting rights, and the rule of law.

Finally, Sarah is an avid fan of jazz music, Broadway musicals, and baseball. She studied classical and jazz piano for thirteen years and continues to play in her spare time.