Lizzy Paluszek
Candidate for MS, Virginia Tech
Lizzy Paluszek is a graduate student at Virginia Tech, pursuing a master's degree in building construction science and management. She worked as a project manager and designer before graduate school and performed residential construction and interior remodeling for six years. Lizzy's passion lies in improving communities and cities through innovative building practices, smart design, and effective management. She aspires to apply this knowledge and her experience in creative problem solving to modernized construction practices focusing on environmental stewardship and green building. She strives to become deeply involved in and perform a leadership role in sustainable building and adaptive reuse. Projects like these redefine important spaces in communities while maintaining and enriching cities' collective cultural history. She patiently awaits the return of group activities when she can resume hosting dinner parties and playing double bass in an orchestra. In the meantime, she will continue car camping and exploring the natural beauty of Virginia.