John Russell
Campaign Director,
John Russell most recently served as Campaign Director for, a progressive super PAC where he oversaw a quarter-million-dollar campaign in five midwest battleground states to promote the Biden -Harris ticket in rural swing counties for the 2020 general election. Previously, John served as Rural Outreach Coordinator for the Elizabeth Warren primary campaign in Iowa and Ohio. There, John worked extensively on advising Senator Warren’s agricultural and rural policy as well as crafting interdisciplinary rural voter engagement plans. John is a two-time candidate for federal and state office in Ohio. He was involved in starting and growing Indivisible Ohio District 12, a central Ohio activist group dedicated to holding public officials accountable. John graduated from Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and spent seven years as owner and operator of Fall Creek Farm LLC in Galena, Ohio where he grew chemical-free produce and ran a side-business removing tree stumps for residential and commercial customers. John is a proud dog dad to Sophie, a 12-pound terrier mix who is as cute as she sounds.