Jessica Caceres
Environmental Specialist, Ohio EPA
Jessica Caceres is a community oriented individual and enthusiastic advocate. Whether she is working to uplift the next generation of young Latina professionals through the Latina Mentoring Academy or organizing engaging, thoughtful Zoom events with the Latinx Alumni Society, she is always looking for ways to give back and elevate her community. Jessica is passionate about sustainability and wants to make sure anyone can understand how their individual efforts can help. She works at the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and provides free and confidential environmental consulting to small businesses. She works to simplify and explain complex regulations so that small business owners and individuals can understand and comply. In her role, she helps review Recycling and Litter Prevention grants, helps administer the sustainability recognition program, the Ohio Materials Marketplace, and serves on the Ohio EPA’s Diversity and Inclusion Council. Jessica’s core drivers are community, the environment, women’s health, and equity for all. She gives her time in meaningful ways across a diverse spectrum of organizations and non-profits through volunteering, membership, and leadership. Jessica is currently the president-elect of The Ohio State Latinx Alumni Society where she organizes efforts to engage with Alumni, as well as help to broaden outreach to students and recent graduates. Jessica is also a board member of the Latina Mentoring Academy where she encourages and supports young professionals and helps build a thriving Latina community. Previously, Jessica has worked as a volunteer through the YWCA’s Bright Futures program where she had the opportunity to support middle school girls in building confidence through meaningful activities and discussions on race and gender. In addition to Jessica’s professional experience, she holds a Certificate in Public and Nonprofit Leadership from the John Glenn School of Public Affairs and a B.S. in Environmental Science from at The Ohio State University.