Erin Barry
Environmental Consultant, EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., PBC

Erin Barry currently works as an environmental consultant for EA Engineering in their Warwick, Rhode Island office, where she focuses on community engagement, grant writing, and permitting for coastal resilience, watershed management, and ecosystem restoration projects. She has always been passionate about environmental stewardship and social justice, and has found a way to integrate the two in her career by helping clients and their communities to sustainably and equitably respond to environmental change.

Erin moved away from her hometown of Madison, Wisconsin and obtained a B.A. in politics and geology from Pomona College in Claremont, California in 2017. At Pomona, Erin served as the head campus sustainability liaison, coordinating the College’s sustainability efforts and improving student engagement with environmental initiatives. Spurred by the inequality of access to urban green space and the disproportionate distribution of industrial sites in black and Latino communities in the greater Los Angeles area, Erin also worked with community organizations in LA to mentor local youth and help empower them to become future environmental leaders in their communities.

During and after college, Erin was actively involved with the Geological Society of America (GSA), an international society of earth science professionals. Within GSA, Erin served as the first ever student board representative of the Geology and Society Division, the Chair of the nationwide Student Advisory Council, and the youngest ever board member of GSA’s Executive Council. Throughout her time with GSA, Erin’s primary goals were to improve mentorship opportunities for students and early career professionals, and increase interest in earth science among first generation and BIPOC students who have been underrepresented and often made to feel unwelcome in the traditionally white and male-dominated field.

After a brief stint at EA Engineering’s headquarters in Maryland, Erin moved to Providence, Rhode Island in 2018, where she was immediately struck by the community that so kindly welcomed her. Erin has actively pursued ways to connect and give back, and recently served as a grant reader for the New England Grassroots Environment Fund’s Grow Grants program, which funds groups throughout New England that are working to deconstruct inequitable power structures. Outside of work, you will likely find Erin in the kitchen trying out a new recipe, in the woods cycling or climbing, enjoying a meal from one of Rhode Island’s many fabulous restaurants, or out in the world seeking new opportunities to connect with her neighbors, near and far.