Ebony Guy
Organizer, Advocate, Producer

Ebony B. Guy is an award-winning organizer and advocate. She began to explore a career of service at seventeen, following the passing of her Grandmother, civil rights activist Mrs. Cora Tucker. Continuing her grandmother's work of uniting various communities, Ebony organized people in her hometown of Halifax County, Virginia, and in 2008 volunteered for the campaigns of (then Senator) Obama and Tom Perriello - later volunteering on their reelection campaigns. She would also volunteer and make herself available for consulting on local and state campaigns throughout Virginia, including Delegate Chris Hurst and Senator Mark Warner. Ebony then returned the focus of her attention to long term, grassroots organizing, initially volunteering with Virginia Organizing, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Now, Ebony serves as a community leader and State Governing board member for Virginia Organizing, her dual roles keep her connected to the community while understanding the business side of organizing. Today, Ebony is a well respected strategist and consultant in her hometown of Halifax County, home city of Danville, the southside, and the Fifth Congressional District of Virginia. Ebony is also producing a film documentary about her Grandmother's work in organizing and leadership. Ebony says her most important job is 'Momma' to her teenage son, trying to convince him to participate in Tiktok challenges.