Damali Britton
PhD Candidate, Brown University
Damali Britton is a first-year graduate student studying political theory at Brown University. Her research is primarily concerned with imagining communities where everyone can thrive, which for her necessarily involves dismantling oppressive systems. Prior to attending Brown, she conducted research in Jamaica as a 2019-2020 Fulbright grant recipient. Her primary research project was on the development and socializing intent of Jamaica's post-abolition school system. While in Jamaica, she also developed a public humanities project with the University of the West Indies’ Special Collections Library. Before going to Jamaica, she was employed as a community organizer in Nebraska, where she worked with residents and community partners to address economic justice, immigration, and health care issues. She primarily worked with two specific neighborhoods in Lincoln, however some of her projects took her to Omaha as well as parts of rural Nebraska. Much of her work addressed the need for affordable and adequate housing, particularly for those who have criminal records, are lower-income, and/or are immigrants. As a part of her housing work, she shared testimonies at the Nebraska Legislature, created educational activities on housing access, and built with community partners a Lincoln-Omaha housing coalition. Currently, she is trying to meld her interest in pursuing a career in the academy with her passion for advocacy.