Colleen Lowry
Co-Director, NLC Columbus

Colleen Lowry is an expert project manager, strategist, event planner, and staff manager with deep experience in relationship building, donor and elected official engagement, and dignitary coordination. After graduating college, Colleen returned to Ohio and worked several campaign cycles for progressive candidates and issues before moving to Washington, D.C. to work on the presidential transition team. Following the Inauguration, Colleen joined The Brookings Institution and spent two years managing a series of public and private events with academic and industry experts. After seeing women's reproductive rights rolled back at an exponential rate in states across the country, Colleen joined the Wendy Davis campaign in 2014 before returning home to Ohio to spend four years as the Engagement Director at the Ohio Democratic Party. Colleen currently serves as the Director of the Foundation Board and Volunteer Experience at The Ohio State University. She enjoys being able to bring her years of political organizing experience to higher education to elevate the experience of the University’s top volunteers. In her spare time, Colleen serves as the president of the Saint Mary's College Columbus Alumnae club, sits on the advisory board of EmpowerBus, and founded and is the co-director of the New Leaders Council of Columbus chapter.