Asabi Adedapo Ifatunji
Fundraising Consultant and Account Executive, MobileCause, Inc.
Asabi Adedapo Ifatunji is a traditional African priest in the Yoruba traditions from Ile Ife, Nigeria. He crossed over into the ase of Obatala and Oya in 2004 at Ile Ifa Jalumi in Chicago, IL. Asabi serves as the Otun Alagba for the Egungun Society at Ile Ifa Jalumi. Asabi founded Ile Eniyan Enterprises for his spiritual practices centered around access to ancestral wisdom for the black community, guidance to one’s authentic self, and metaphysical harmony. Asabi is also a Fundraising and Engagement Consultant at MobileCause, a local software company that specializes in fundraising solutions for nonprofits across the nation. Asabi is passionate about business development and has prided himself on getting results through innovative solutions in business for over 12 years. His business experience spans the industries of retail, insurance, real estate, nonprofit, technology, and more. A lifelong activist and son of civil rights leaders, Adekola Adedapo and Songodina Ifatunji, Asabi is committed to carrying on his family’s legacy of service to the community. He is an alumnus of Brothers of Kwanza and has served on their board as Secretary. Asabi is preparing to work as a volunteer circle facilitator for restorative justice cases in LA County and frequently collaborates with nonprofits serving disenfranchised communities across the nation. Asabi is the proud father of three children and partner to Sabrina. Artistic expression has been foundational to Asabi’s growth. He no longer performs, but still finds peace in practicing drumming, singing, and writing poetry. Asabi is called by Olodumare to live with a purpose that is rooted in service, truth, and love for his community.