Anoop Sheth
He/ Him/His
Deputy Co-Director

As a multifaceted physician leader with a specialization in Internal Medicine/Clinical Management and passion for cultivating scientific partnerships, engaging meaningfully with physicians and medical staff, and leveraging the insights of a clinical research and teaching background, Anoop strives to engage in good leadership to create value and drive innovation with his work. His career in healthcare management specifically within the medical device, pharmaceutical and provider spaces have afforded him a unique lens to not only understand product life-cycle but appreciate the nuances of regulatory management (FDA processes), clinical trial design, strategy and management. His clinical experience as a MD has also afforded me a strategic advantage in industry because of a comprehensive understanding of the physician-patient experience. The details of the physician-patient interface are critical to driving healthcare outcomes and optimizing patient care. His focus on evidenced-based outcomes and quality improvement and subtle understanding of physician and patient needs within the clinical setting is critical to my drive for success within the healthcare industry.

Anoop’s current role as Vice President of Medical Affairs/Clinical Management at his organization has given him the opportunity to share his knowledge and be involved with the surrounding community. Anoops’ high visibility and work with corporate, client, and community leaders has molded his leadership ability. His background in research and involvement as a strong contributor to clinical trials management with the NIH and CROs has enabled him to understand a broad landscape of regulatory management and trial execution. Additionally, his work in the provider space and leadership with hospital quality progress and patient outcomes teams have allowed him to build a collaborative approach with clinicians and business leaders. His understanding of the complexities of implementing patient centered medical care has been the cornerstone of his continued success in healthcare thought leadership.

With his healthcare background, Anoop’s focus on community leadership and development are central to his personal vision. 

He has tenaciously strived for inclusion, diversity, service, and education to be the cornerstone of bringing progressive values to the forefront of community visibility. His focus on community activism has brought about strategic changes in public policy and wellness improvement.